3 kids in a studio apartment?

_english baby sleep kindergarten naps nursery schedule sleep coaching sleep training Sep 05, 2020

In this episode I answer the following questions:

Q1: My baby just turned one year old and starts nursery next month. She still naps twice a day, but kids in the nursery nap only once. What should I do?

Q2: What does your routine look like with an older child who naps once, and a younger one, who needs to nap twice? I feel like that naps take up a huge portion of the day and we don't have any time left for going out.

Q3: We are temporarily living in a 30 sq m apartment with my 3 kids and my husband. My toddler still naps at kindergarten, the other two go to school and they do not. My older kids get tired earlier in the evening, and should go to bed eariler than the toddler. How can I make this possible?