A simple trick to make sleep training easier

Season #1 Episode #35

Sleep training is one of the most demanding parenting situations. But it is especially important to stay positive and calm around bedtime, because being harsh can stress your children and make it more difficult for them to fall asleep. Today I talk about a study that showed that reducing clutter and chaos in our homes increases our ability to stick to positive parenting, thus it can probably make it easier for us to stay peaceful when setting limits around bedtime too! It was especially interesting for me to learn this as I enrolled in the Parenting Junkie’s year-long parenting course, Present Play, where this month we experienced how reducing clutter and chaos improves the behaviour of our children too. I would say, less chaos = win-win :)

You can find the dissertation I was talking about here (Suzanne Marijke Andeweg: Unravelling the effect of household chaos on parenting, 2021): https://scholarlypublications.universiteitleiden.nl/handle/1887/3147171

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