The Baby Sleep Project Show

The Baby Sleep Project Show

H谩zigazd谩ja: Anna Fedor

All about baby sleep and sleep coaching with Anna from Dreamsense.


Feeling guilty about sleep training?

脡vad #1 #38 Epiz贸d

Today, I answer a mum who felt bad after successfully sleep training her daughter. Why do people feel guilty? How can you make sure that your sleep coaching goals, reasons, and the sleep training method you choose are...
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Sleep Training Decoded

脡vad #1 #37 Epiz贸d

Dear listeners,I will host a live workshop on Saturday (5th of June 2021), 5 pm - 7 pm, CET: Sleep Training Decoded 鈥 how to choose the best sleep training method for your baby.You still have a few days left to sign...
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Bedtime limits and peaceful parenting

脡vad #1 #36 Epiz贸d

One more storieeeeee! Pleeeeease! How can I say no? I could choose a very short one and be done in no time! Am I mean if I deprive my own child of such a small favour? Alright, let鈥檚 give in. He will be quiet after...
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A simple trick to make sleep training easier

脡vad #1 #35 Epiz贸d

Sleep training is one of the most demanding parenting situations. But it is especially important to stay positive and calm around bedtime, because being harsh can stress your children and make it more difficult for...
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How to deal with the three most common springtime sleep problems?

脡vad #1 #34 Epiz贸d

Spring means that the days are longer and that influences our sleep and our children鈥檚 sleep. So if you have noticed that new sleep problems started to emerge in your household, you might be able to blame the season!...
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Why won鈥檛 my baby sleep until 10 pm?

脡vad #1 #33 Epiz贸d

Today I try to help a friend of mine who can鈥檛 seem to put her baby to bed earlier than 10 pm. It started just a few weeks ago and she is frustrated to lose her free evenings, and also worried that her baby might not...
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4 free resources to get your sleep training questions answered

脡vad #1 #32 Epiz贸d

In this episode I list 4 resources where you can get your baby sleep-related questions answered for FREE (at the same time I will also tell you what I have been up to these last few weeks). Links to these...
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5 am wake ups? Anyone?

脡vad #1 #31 Epiz贸d

Would it be possible to start the day in a more humane hour? Today I share with you 5 tips that will help your baby sleep longer in the mornings.Tip No 3 (The Early Bedtime Paradox) is my best bet, but it won鈥檛 work...
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How to stop my toddler waking me up in the middle of the night?

脡vad #1 #30 Epiz贸d

Today I give three tips for Dania to fix her problem: her toddler wakes her up every night, even though she falls asleep independently."My 3y old wakes in the middle of the night.聽 She falls asleep herself.聽 She wakes...
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Bedtime routines 101

脡vad #1 #29 Epiz贸d

My baby hates water - Does bathing have to be part of the bedtime routine? My baby falls asleep during breastfeeding and I cannot finish the rest of the bedtime routine 鈥 is that a problem? Can watching TV be part of...
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Night settling vs bedtime settling: what is the difference?

脡vad #1 #28 Epiz贸d

Today I answer the following question:鈥淲hy is night settling different from naps? Got a 5mo who behaves differently settling for day naps and night wakings. He self-settles for nap time and bedtime, doesn鈥檛 use a...
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Sleep training in the real world!

脡vad #1 #27 Epiz贸d

News from sleep science: Would you benefit from sleep training? What percentage of mothers try it? Does it work? For those who did not try it, what were the main reasons?Today鈥檚 episode is based on the following...
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