The Baby Sleep Project Show

The Baby Sleep Project Show

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All about baby sleep and sleep coaching with Anna from Dreamsense.


The lowdown on sleep regressions

Évad #1 #26 Epizód

Is there a 6-month sleep regression? What are sleep regressions anyway? What causes them and how to deal with them?If you would like to learn more about the development of sleep, sleep regressions and sleep...
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How I accidentally CIO-ed my son

Évad #1 #25 Epizód

Let me tell you how I accidentally sleep trained my son when he was about 10 months old. It seems that CIO (cry-it-out) sometimes just happens...If you would like to comment on this episode or if you would like to...
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Sleep crutches and overtiredness

Évad #1 #24 Epizód

For this mum, "drowsy but awake” stopped working. When she puts her baby to bed drowsy, but awake, it takes forever for the baby to fall asleep (if at all), which makes him overtired. To avoid this, she puts him in...
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Nighttime pooping and bedtime troubles

Évad #1 #23 Epizód

Today I answer Jessica's questions and offer my tips for solving her problems, which are: Recently, her daughter started to cry more at bedtime  The bedtime routine is difficult, because the baby is fussy between 6-7...
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Does your baby get enough sleep?

Évad #1 #22 Epizód

Don't rely on random tables and charts about sleep needs! The National Sleep Foundation reviewed the scientific literature and determined the recommended amount of sleep from birth to adulthood and the amount that may...
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What to do with too early wake ups?

Évad #1 #21 Epizód

Today I share my tips about what to do in case your baby started to wake up waaay too  early!If you would like to comment on this episode or if you would like to discuss it with me or with other listeners, go to my...
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Is the Baby Whisperer book any good?

Évad #1 #20 Epizód

What are the newborn sleep tips of the baby whisperer?  Today I review Tracy Hogg with Melinda Blau: Top tips from the baby whisperer - Sleep. Secrets to getting your baby to sleep through the night (2009).If you...
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Are sound machines safe?

Évad #1 #19 Epizód

Today I explore the topic of sound machines. Do they boost sleep in babies? What sound levels are considered safe? How should you use them? USE THE DISCOUNT CODE "CYBER" IN MY WEBSHOP, TO GET EVERYTHING FOR 1/3 OF THE...
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Was Ferber wrong?

Évad #1 #18 Epizód

I compared the recommended amount of sleep and length of wake windows for 9 months old babies in 7 of the best selling baby sleep books on Amazon and in one recent research paper.See the references, the data and a...
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The lowdown on sleep cycles and wake windows

Évad #1 #17 Epizód

Today I answered Sandy's questions about sleep cycles and wake windows. Both are crucial to know about when you want to sleep coach or sleep train your baby!If you would like to comment on this episode or if you would...
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I need adult sleep training!

Évad #1 #16 Epizód

Many parents develop sleep problems themselves while they are struggling with their LOs sleep. Luckily, there is an equivalent to baby sleep coaching, called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I), and it...
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Ouch! My LO bit me!

Évad #1 #15 Epizód

Have you ever been scared that your LO would bite you during nursing? Today I try to help a mum, who wants to night-wean her co-sleeping 15-month old daughter because of this very reason.If you would like to comment...
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